2002 Hong Kong

Participatory Community Design in the Global and Local Contexts

The 4th Conference of the Pacific Rim Community Design Network
The Hong Kong Polytech University, December 16-20, 2002


In 2002, the network participants converged in Hong Kong where participatory design was in its nascent stage. The conference theme invited scholars and practitioners from the Pacific Rim to engage in a cross-cultural dialogue on cultural and spatial transformation and the “globalization” of democracy in cities and communities in the Pacific Rim. Four specific areas of focus were presented: Globalization and Localization, what forces are creating the dual processes of globalization and localization in the Pacific Rim, and how do they affect democratization and cultural change? Construction and Regeneration of Community Participation and Culture, how is citizen participation as a value and practice constructed and regenerated in local culture, given different political and cultural contexts? How are the new values and practices expressed in the different realms of the cities and communities in the Pacific Rim? Trans-cultural Communities, Place Identities, and Changing Environments, what cultural hybridization are the communities and urban environments experiencing in the Pacific Rim? How are the local environments and nature-culture relationships being transformed as a result? How are the transformation and conscious reconstruction of cultural and place identities influencing the design of public space in the Pacific Rim? Approaches and Methods in Participatory Urban Planning/Design, how different theories and methods of participatory planning/design are conducted in different regions? What are the consequences and impacts? What are the limitations? How to conduct critical comparisons?

Organizer: Jackie Yan-Chi Kwok, Research Group on Urban Space and Culture, School of Design, the Hong Kong Polytechnic University

Steering Committee: Jackie Yan-Chi Kwok (Hong Kong), Jeff Hou (USA), Magokoro Yoshihira and Taichi Goto (Japan), Liling Huang (Taiwan)

Conference Program
Session 1  Globalization and Localization: Focusing on the Issue of Locality in the Context of Globalization

Building a Global City in My Backyard?! Case Studies of Pu-Yu New City  Plan (Taiwan), Gateway Arts District (USA), and Shanghai Xin-Tian-Di (China) – Shenglin Chang, John K-C. Liu, Tianxin Zhang, Margarita Hill   

Prevailing Global Culture and Its System: How Can We Save Local Cultures? – Magokoro Yoshihira

Contrary Status Seeking: A Means of Participatory Celebration of Locality – Randolph T. Hester, Jr. and Shenglin Chang

Participation in the PROC: Trans-Pacific Collaboration and Community Engagement in the planning of Quanzhou, Fujian Province – Daniel B. Abramson

Session 2A  Trans-cultural Communities, Place Identities and Changing Environments: Focusing on the Contested Meanings and Identities of Urban Space

Contesting Meaning in Public Space: Labor Community and Public Art in the Financial Center Square, Taipei – Chu-joe Hsia and Ngai Pun

Contention Building: Neighborhood Revitalization and Divided Identities in International District, Seattle and Kogane, Matsudo – Jeffery Hou and Isami Kinoshita

Session 2B  Trans-cultural Communities, Place Identities and Changing Environments: Focusing on Conflicts and Contention in Development and Preservation

Involving the Public in Building Sustainable Communities: The Case of Western District – Mee Kam NG

Citizen Lead Participation or Government Lead Participation?  How Can We Find a Watershed Management Alternatives for Yoshino River in Tokusima, Japan – Tamesuke Nagahashi, Shuichi Murakami, Aaron Isgar, Yuichi Sato, Koichiro Yasuba, Satoko Asano

Participation in Community or Community Participation: a Case Study of Taipei Bao-Zang Yan Squatter Community – SPA, National Taiwan University

Session 3  Construction & Regeneration of Community Participation and Culture: Focusing on the Dialectics of Community Planning and Community Building

On Building a Homeland: Reflection on Community Design in Taiwan – Chao-ching Yu

The Production of Neighborhood Space and Parks: A Comparison of Taipei, Taiwan and Berkeley, California – Marcia McNally and Liling Huang

Community Preservation in Erje: Beginning with Two Wings – Yuh-Jean Chen

Participatory Planning on Human Landscape: A Case Study of Sheng-Xing – BaSiDiGua, National Taiwan University

Session 4A  Exploration of Approach / Methodology in Participatory Urban Planning / Design: Discussion of the Methods and Approaches of Participatory Design

Why Place Matters: Participatory Approaches to Neighborhood Planning & Design – Michael Rios, Marcia McNally, Laura Lawson, and Rachel Berney

Grassroots Enhancement in Social Reform Application of Information Technologies to Community Design in Japan- Taichi Goto

Session 4B   Exploration of Approach/Methodology in Participatory Urban Planning/Design: Engaging Community Processes and Environmental Processes

Design for Spontaneous Activities in Urban Stream – Chia-Ning Yang, Isami Kinoshita and Chien-Kuo Chiang

Community Involvement in Environmental Planning in the Rural Area of Taiwan: The Case of Kuo-hsin Village – Shu-Jen Kao

Citizen Involvement in Wildlife Planning in the U.S. – Victoria Chanse   [/su_spoiler]

Special Panel on the Participatory Design in Hong Kong

Participatory Research for the Designing and Planning of the Living Environment in Hong Kong: a First Endeavour – Jackie Yan-chi Kwok, Michael Kin-Wai Siu, Ken Ng

Participatory Planning: Hong Kong Experience – Laurence Lam

“Planning” in the Social Fabrics: a Case Study of Tai O’s Community Economy – Iam Chong Ip

Living Struggles in Local Community: a Case Study of a Chinese Village in the New Territories – Siu-keung Cheung

Self-Reflection on the Method of Participatory Design in Hong Kong’s Community Development – Ben Ku

Site Visit to Projects in Hong Kong + Party at the St. James Settlement Centre

Objectives: Let participants of the conference have a brief understanding of citizen participants in Hong Kong

Presentation of Wanchai’s Participatory Projects: Urban Renewal, Community Park, Art Bridge

Public Forum 1  Perspectives on Participatory Design in the Pacific Rim

Taiwan: A Decade of Participatory Community Design in Taiwan: Critical Review and Future Prospects – John K-C. Liu

US: Challengeishimashu! Episodes in the Pursuit of Democratic Design – Marcia McNally

Japan: The Possibility of Conducting Participatory Design in Japan – Yasuhiro Endoh

Hong Kong:  Participatory Design in a Pluralist Society – the Approach and Experience of the Urban Renewal Authority – Andrew Siu-lo Lam

Public Forum 2  The Vision of Participatory Design in Hong Kong

With different panel speakers from Hong Kong:

Dr. Kwok Leung Ho (Department of Applied Social Studies, The Hong Kong Polytechnic University)

Chris Law (Oval Partnership Architect)

Man Tao Leung Ada J.P. Wong (Lawyer, Wanchai District Councilor)