2022 Honolulu

APRU Sustainable Cities & Landscapes Hub

Civic Engagement & Community Design Working Group, Honolulu, September 6-9, 2022


Throughout the Pacific Rim, the rise of civic engagement and citizen actions is transforming the governance of cities and landscapes. Even in countries with limited democracy, citizens and communities have played an important role in mutual aid and self-help, particularly in times of crisis and emergency. However, despite the growing practices of civic engagement, there are continued challenges in the forms of tokenism, conflicts, and resistance from society and state institutions. How can citizens and communities participate effectively and meaningfully in matters concerning sustainable landscapes and cities in the Pacific Rim? What are the lessons and insights from current experiments and practice?


Working with APRU-SCL, this working group is formed through the Pacific Rim Community Design Network, established originally at the University of California, Berkeley in 1998. Through conferences and joint projects, the network has provided a vehicle for collaboration and mutual support, as well as a forum for a comparative understanding of community design in the fast-changing political and social context of the Pacific Rim. As a working group, its goal is to engage in the advancement and critical assessment of civic engagement and community design practices across the Pacific Rim. Recent activities included a webinar series on bottom-up resilience during the COVID-19 Pandemic and a virtual gathering to share lessons and insights on civic engagement practices during the Pandemic.

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Working Group Lead: Jeff Hou, Urban Commons Lab, University of Washington, Seattle