2016 Hong Kong

Agency and Resilience

The 10th Conference of the Pacific Rim Community Design Network, Chinese University of Hong Kong, December 15-17, 2016


‘Agency and Resilience’ is the theme for the 10th conference of the Pacific Rim Community Design Network. Nine conferences have been held in various countries across the Pacific Rim, covering issues surrounding democratic planning and participatory design. In the face of global and local environmental, social, and economic challenges, we invite international planners and designers to deliberate on theories and design practices related to resilience. The theme ‘Agency and Resilience’ is set for community designers and related scholars or professionals around the globe to explore the roles of various stakeholders in advancing and realizing resilient urban planning and design in diverse spatial and temporal settings to address issues related to climate change and socio-spatial polarization.

Themes and sub-themes:

  • Resilient urban planning and design
  • Combating climate change
  • Designing for spatial justice
  • Human flourishing

Conference Website: http://www.cuhk.edu.hk/hkiaps/2016AnR/ENG/home.html



Urban Studies Programme, jointly organized by the Department of Geography and Resource Management and the School of Architecture under the Faculty of Social Science, The Chinese University of Hong Kong (CUHK)


–  The Chinese University of Hong Kong
–  Department of Geography and Resource Management, CUHK
–  School of Architecture, CUHK
–  Faculty of Social Science
–  Institute of Future Cities (IOFC), CUHK
–  Centre of Community and Place Governance, IOFC, CUHK
–  Hong Kong Institute of Asia-Pacific Studies (HKIAPS), CUHK
–  Research Centre for Urban and Regional Development, HKIAPS
–  Pacific Rim Community Design Network
–  Master of Science in Urban Design

Programme Committee

– Mee Kam NG (Convener), URSP, CUHK
– Murat ES, URSP, CUHK
– Sylvia HE, URSP, CUHK
– Kuei-Hsien LIAO, URSP, CUHK

Advisory Committee

– Dan ABRAMSON, University of Washington
– Liz MALY, Tohoku University
– Beng Kiang TAN and Im Sik CHO, National University of Singapore
– Kangoh LEE, Seoul Children’s Grand Park
– Shumei HUANG, National Taiwan University
– Jeff HOU, University of Washington