2018 Singapore

Emerging Civic Urbanisms/Designing for Social Impact

The 11th Conference of the Pacific Rim Community Design Network, in conjunction with Great Asian Street Symposium and Structure for Inclusion, National University of Singapore, December 14-16, 2018


This international conference aims to bring together academics, practitioners, and students from the three networks in Asia: the Great Asian Street Symposium, the Pacific Rim Community Design Network, and the SEED Network to share multiple perspectives on Emerging Civic Urbanisms and Designing for Social Impact.

With rising awareness of the impacts of environmental degradation and growing social and economic polarization, various forms of civic urbanisms are emerging around the world as an alternative to the growth-oriented and market-driven urban development of the past. This implies an awakened desire for a new paradigm in society based on more sustainable ways of life, which contributed to the increased interest in communal life and shared identities in localities, with greater emphasis on well-being, quality of life, social inclusion, environmental consciousness, and active participation of citizens in decision-making.


In a fast-changing political and social context, this conference draws attention to the possibilities and challenges that we face while moving towards a more inclusive and sustainable future. It provides a timely platform for scholars, professionals, and students interested in contemporary urbanization and its future trajectories to question and reflect upon the ways we approach our built environment through various planning and design processes to inspire new visions of urbanism. We invite papers, posters, thematic working groups under the following sub-themes related to research, practice, education, and design pedagogy.

Themes and sub-themes:

  • Grassroots advocacy and activism
  • Collaborative/citizen-driven placemaking
  • Heritage conservation
  • Community building and engagement
  • Urban commons and sharing city
  • Environmental well-being

Conference Proceedings: Available for download

Organizers: CHO Im Sik and TAN Beng Kiang, Department of Architecture, National University of Singapore